Policy Research
Adoption of ICTs in Indian Universities: An Analysis using Extended - TAM Approach
Date: 1st Dec 2018
Shampa Paul

The Society for Development Studies (SDS), established in 1984, is an autonomous, not for profit, policy research and training institution which enjoys national and international recognition as a centre of excellence. The primary objectives of SDS are to undertake research and advisory work; evaluate public policies; conduct research projects and training programmes; and organize roundtables, seminars and conferences on economic policy issues. During the last 34 years of its work dedicated to economic development, SDS has demonstrated its expertise in capacity building and institutional development. SDS has been conducting training programmes sponsored by the Ministry of External Affairs since 1998.
Going forward, the SDS is well positioned to undertake policy studies related to various aspects of India’s economy, including its global linkages. Education and training activities as well as public awareness raising programmes on the critical importance of environmental sustainability are further areas of future interest to SDS.